Lady Liberty
  • Perhaps you've reached this page because someone told you that you may be a Libertarian

    In that case... please open your mind, and prepare to be re-examine everything everyone ever told you about politics. Read a bit of what we have around here, in particular, visit some of the sites in our link section. If after this you are still interested, come back, and see how you may be able to help us to achieve liberty.
  • Perhaps you've reached this page because you already know you are a Libertarian and are looking for like minded individuals in Placer County

    In that case, please contact us... we need your help now!

Placer County is home to 1781 people (or 1.3% as of 2014) who have registered Libertarian. In recent elections, somewhat between 1500 and 5000 people choose Libertarian candidates in Placer County. We thank each of these people for their vote and support, and yet, the great majority of these people, who "waste" their vote for a Libertarian candidate do nothing outside of the polling booth to support their belief.

We need to have more registered Libertarians, we need more of these to become members of the Libertarian Party, and we need more members to be active in all the work that we need to do. A bit of a cliche, but it wouldn't take much, if every one of those thousand people helped a little bit, to really turn things around.

In Liberty,

Roberto Leibman
Placer County Libertarian Party, Chair